2017 Leaderboard

 Tom Dougherty Walleye 26.25″ May 25 rapala
 Roger Kenton Walleye 24.5″ May 25 rapala
 Mark Kenton Smallmouth Bass 17.5″ May 26 spinner bait
 Beth Maeder Northern Pike 42″ May 27 cisco
 Jacob Van Den Heuvel Muskie 41″ May 28 cisco
 Cody Maeder Northern 38″ May 28 cisco
 Beth Maeder Northern 40″ May 28 cisco
 Cody Maeder Northern 40″ May 29 cisco
 Beth Maeder Walleye 26″ May 29 minnow
 Cody Maeder Walleye 27.5″ & 2 26″ May 29 minnow
 Beth Maeder Northern Pike 39″ May 30 cisco
 Dave Luke Northern 40″ June 6 minnow
 Heidi Laszewski Northern 42″ June 10 crank bait
 Troy Laszewski Walleye 27.5″ June 11 minnow
 Terry Larson Muskie 40.5″ June 14 Erie Dearie
 Brodie Williams Smallmouth Bass 19″ June 14 Clown Rogue
 Bart Williams Smallmouth Bass 20″ June 14 Clown Rogue
 Josh Norfleet Smallmouth Bass 18.5″ June 15 Clown Rogue
 Brodie Williams Perch 13″ June 16 Leech
 Wilx Ray Walleye 28″ June 19 Rapala
 Colin Zwolinski Muskie 35″ June 19 Phantom
 Milan Staron Northern Pike 38″ June 20 Phantom
 Nick Zwolinski Muskie 48″ June 20 Phantom
 Bob Mudler Walleye 29″ June 21 Leech
 Matt Senica Muskie 45″ June 22 Phantom
 Bob Mudler Northern 39″ June 22 Phantom
 Milan Staron Muskie 41″ June 23 Phantom
 Bob Mudler Muskie 41″ June 23 Leech
 Carlton Liston Northern 37″ June 25
 Jim Saddler Walleye 27″ June 27 Leech
 Chucky Pries Muskie 39.5″ June 28
 Bill Warren Walleye 31″ July 2 Crawler
 Chuck Rucker Walleye 27″ July 10 Leech
 Tommy Klinger Walleye 28″ July 16 Leech
 Sam Hiserote Walleye 27″ July 17 Leech
 Jerry Fritsch Walleye 28″ July 19 Leech
 Dave Anderson Walleye 27″ July 19 Leech
 Brady Byrne Walleye 28″ July 20 Leech
 Bailey Peikert Walleye 29″ July 20 Leech
 Tommy Klinger Muskie 40″ July 20 Top Water
 Zach Quale Walleye 32″ & 28″ July 23 Leech
 Dan Grothe Walleye 29″ & 28″ July 24 Leech
 Dave Quale Walleye 27″ July 24 Leech
 Paul Tonkin Walleye 28″ July 25 Leech
 Derek Boty Walleye 27″ July 25 Leech
 Julie Erickson Northern Pike 38″ July 26 Plug
 Kristina Erickson Walleye 29″ July 30 Plug
 Dave Erickson Walleye 32″ & 27″ July 30 Plug
 Wally Johnson Walleye 29″ & 26″ Aug 2 Leech
 Kelly Cresap Walleye 31″ Aug 2 Leech
 Angie Williams Northern Pike 38″ Aug 3 Meps Spinner
 Julie Erickson Walleye 27″ Aug 4
 Bob Novorita Northern Pike 39″ Aug 7 Crank Bait
 Jake Kalscheur Walleye 28.5″ Aug 8 Leech
 Steven Novorita Walleye 29.5″ Aug 8 Leech
 Mark Tycholis Muskie 48″ Aug 9 Crank Bait
 Rodger Piekutowski Walleye 28.5″ Aug 9 Leech
 Mark Tycholis Walleye 28″ Aug 10 Crank Bait
 Debbie Rucker Walleye 27″ Aug 12 Leech
 James Novorita Northern Pike 37″ Aug 13 Plug
 Team Tycholis Muskie 45″ Aug 16 Glide Bait
 Chuck Rucker Smallmouth Bass 18′ Aug 17 Leech


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– Template will be installed to your server to look like in our online demo. Access to Admin panel will be granted to you to manage your website.

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Rick EstradaNorthern40.5"May 20Rapala
Jacob Van Den HeuvelWalleye27"May 21Minnow
Sandi KaebischWalleye29"May 25Rapala
Beth MaederWalleye28"May 25Minnow
Cody MaederSmallmouth Bass18"May 25Minnow
Cody MaederNorthern38"May 27Cisco
Cody MaederSmallmouth Bass18.25"May 27Minnow
Jack FinstadSmallmouth18.5"May 28Minnow
Beth MaederWalleye27"May 29Minnow
Cody MaederWalleye27.5" & 28.5"May 29Minnow
Cody MaederNorthern40"May 30Minnow
Beth MaederWalleye27"May 30Minnow
Cody MaederSmallmouth Bass18.75"May 30Minnow
Cody MaederWalleye29.5"May 31Minnow
Gary KnabeSmallmouth Bass19"May 31Spinner
Loretta KnabeSmallmouth Bass19"May 31Spinner
Cody MaederSmallmouth Bass19"June 1Minnow
Tammy AdamsWalleye28"June 1Minnow
Elise RileyWalleye28.75"June 1Minnow
Karla CresapWalleye28.5"June 4Rapala
Julie MorbenWalleye28"June 4Minnow
Paulie SchmidtWalleye27"June 6Rapala
Bart WilliamsWalleye27"June 10Rogue
Mark PortellWalleye28"June 10Minnow
Charlie GuffeyWalleye27"June 10Rapala
Ron TuckerSmallmouth Bass18"June 10Rogue
Joey PortellMusky40"June 12-
Ron TuckerWalleye27"June 12Rogue
Vinny DonorioNorthern38"June 13-
Bart WilliamsSmallmouth Bass19"June 13Rogue
Lou CimineriNorthern38"June 15-
Julie MorbenWalleye28.5"June 16Leech
MIlan StaronMusky45"June 18Phantom
Colin ZwolinskiMusky47"June 19Cow Girl
Konrad KremperMusky40"June 19
Gavin KremperMusky40" June 19
Miles KremperWalleye28"June 20Leech
Konrad KremperMusky49"June 21
Cameron KremperWalleye27"June 23Leech
Dayton GremmingerMusky46"June 27Blades
Ryan StreyWalleye27.5"June 28Crawler
Herb VargasWalleye27.5"June 28Leech
Mark HathawayMusky42"June 29Crank Bait
Richard BinkowskiWalleye28"June 29Leech
Eugene KorleskiMusky43"June 29Top Water
Jim BohnsackMusky46"June 30Spinner
Herb VargasWalleye28"June 30Leech
Amanda MorinWalleye27.5"July 3Leech
Andrew DoonanSmallmouth Bass18"July 4Spinner
Dan MorinWalleye28"July 4Leech
Charlie DoonanWalleye27.5"July 5Leech
Andrew DoonanSmallmouth Bass18.5"July 5Spinner
Caleb MalyonWalleye28"July 7Crawler
Bennet BeckeringWalleye27"July 9Leech
Dan BeckeringWalleye27.75"July 9Leech
Dwight SchussmanWalleye27"July 9Crawler
Jim StolpaWalleye28"July 10Crawler
Caleb MalyonWalleye27.5"July 11Crawler
Jim WalkerWalleye28"July 12Crawler
Dwight SchussmanWalleye28"July 12Crawler
Jerry BeckeringSmallmouth Bass18"July 13Leech
Dan BeckeringWalleye29"July 14Leech
Kansas SmithSmallmouth Bass18"July 14Spinner
Matt ByrnesWalleye27"July 17Crawler
Tom WasiakWalleye31"July 20Leech
Craig MundtWalleye27"July 20Leech
Craig MundtMusky46.5"July 20Crank Bait
Jack OsweilerWalleye28"July 20Leech
Chuck RuckerSmallmouth Bass18.75"July 21Spinner
Sam HiseroteWalleye29"July 21Crawler
Nick NicholasWalleye32"July 25Crawler
Mike BolsWalleye28.5"July 25Leech
Marilyn BaumanWalleye29.5"July 27Crawler
Tom TahijaSmallmouth Bass21"July 29Crawler
Max KimMusky40.5"July 31Bucktail
Julie EricksonWalleye28"Aug 2Crawler
Nan BongSmallmouth Bass18.5"Aug 3Crawler
Dave LambertWalleye28" x2Aug 3Leech
Chris HutchinsWalleye27.5"Aug 4Crawler
Evan EricksonNorthern Pike40"Aug 4Bucktail
Dave QualeWalleye27.5"Aug 4Leech
Matt ThompsonWalleye28"Aug 6Leech
Nathan GorackeSmallmouth Bass18.75Aug 6Crawler
Kyle DwitzMusky47.5"Aug 7Bucktail
Evelyn EricksonWalleye27.25"Aug 8Crawler
Kyle DewitzMusky46"Aug 8Bucktail
Dave QualeMusky50"Aug 10Bulldog
Dave QualeNorthern Pike38.5"Aug 10Bulldog
Scott JansenMusky41"Aug 10Bulldog
Mitchel HutchinsWalleye27"Aug 10Crawler
Eli ZimmermanWalleye27"Aug 18Minnow
Nate ZimmermanWalleye28"Aug 18Minnow
Steve PredaynaMusky45.75"Aug 19Bucktail
Mike Stalknecht Walleye27"Aug 19Rapala
Soumil DeshmukhWalleye28.5"Aug 21Minnow
Ross FredenburgWalleye27.5"Aug 21Minnow
Randy EllnerMusky49.75"Aug 21Top Water
Mike StalknechtWalleye29"Aug 21Minnow
Sam PredaynaMusky40"Aug 22Bucktail
Amelia PaetznickSmallmouth Bass19" & 18.5"Aug 22Spinner
Henry PaetznickSmallmouth Bass18.5"Aug 22Spinner
Steve PredaynaMusky50"Aug 22Bucktail
Rick CrescenteMusky42"Aug 23Whaletail
Sam PredaynaMusky49.5"Aug 23Bucktail
Steve PredaynaMusky44.25"Aug 23Bucktail
Soumil DeshmukhSmallmouth Bass18"Aug 23MInnow
Ross FredenburgWalleye27.25"Aug 23Minnow
Mike StalknechtWalleye27.25" & 27"Aug 24Minnow
Laurence LevinWalleye29"Aug 24Minnow
Sam PredaynaMusky43.5"Aug 24Bucktail
Keith SalamonskiWalleye27.5"Aug 24Minnow
Steve PredaynaMusky48.5"Aug 24Bucktail
Henry PaetznickPerch13"Aug 25Twistertail
2022 Leader Board
Rick EstradaWalleye28.5"May 21Rapala
Tom DoughertyWalleye27"May 21Artificial
Sandi Van Den HeuvelWalleye28"May 22Rapala
Rick GebbardWalleye29"May 22Minnow
Jim DoughertyWalleye28"May 22Rapala
Craig HuffWalleye29"May 23Artificial
Jacob Van Den HeuvelWalleye27.5"May 23Minnow
Jim DoughertyWalleye29", 27", 28.5May 23Rapala
Kevin DoughertyWalleye28.5"May 23Rapala
Rick BinderWalleye29"May 23Rapala
Rick EstradaSmallmouth Bass18"May 24Artificial
Kevin DoughertyNorthern Pike38"May 24Crank Bait
Tom DoughertyNorthern Pike38"May 24Rapala
Tom KentonNorthern Pike 39"May 25Stick Bait
Payton Van Den HeuvelWalleye27"May 25MInnow
Beth MaederNorthern Pike38.5", 38"May 26Minnow
Cody MaederNorthern Pike38"May 26Minnow
Cody MaederWalleye27', 28"May 26Minnow
Beth MaederWalleye30", 27.5", 27.5"May 27Minnow
Cody MaederSmallmouth Bass18"May 27MInnow
Cody MaederNorthern Pike38"May 28Cisco
Cody MaederWalleye28.5", 28", 27"May 28MInnow
Beth MaederWalleye27.25", 27"May 28MInnow
Gary KnabeSmallmouth Bass18.5"May 28Spinner
Kathy IsaacsonWalleye27.5", 27.5"May 29Minnow
Cody MaederWalleye29.5"May 29Minnow
John FinstadWalleye28"May 30Minnow
Karla CresapWalleye28.5"May 30Minnow
Beth MaederWalleye27.25"May 30Minnow
Cody MaederWalleye27.25", 27.25"May 31Minnow
Cody MaederWalleye29", 28.5", 28.5"May 31Minnow
Cody MaederSmallmouth Bass18.5"June 1Minnow
Cody MaederWalleye31"June 1Minnow
James WeichtNorthern Pike39"June 1Spinner Bait
Beth MaederWalleye28.75"June 2Minnow
Julie MorbenWalleye27"June 3Minnow
Jerry MorbenWalleye28"June 4Minnow
Jack OsweilerWalleye28"June 5Minnow
Tom GassmanWalleye28.5"June 6Minnow
Matt OsweilerWalleye28.75"June 6Minnow
Jerry OsweilerWalleye29"June 6Minnow
Dave LukeWalleye31"June 6Minnow
Jerry MorbenNorthern Pike40"June 6Cisco
Jack OsweilerWalleye28.5June 7Minnow
Tom GassmanWalleye28.5June 7Aritifical
Matt OsweilerMusky46"June 8Minnow
Jack OsweilerWalleye28.5"June 8Minnow
Elise RileyWalleye27"June 8Minnow
Terry WilsonWalleye29"June 9Artificial
Travis WilsonSmallmouth Bass19"June 9Spinner
Elise RileySmallmouth Bass19"June 10Artificial
Bart WilliamsSmallmouth Bass21.5", 20"June 11Rogue
Ron TuckerSmallmouth Bass20"June 12Rogue
Bart WilliamsWalleye28"June 12Rogue
Perry VanhookMusky42"June 12Repps
Jerry MorbenWalleye28"June 12Minnow
Pat RetzlaffWalleye28"June 13Artificial
Carson AceyWalleye27"June 13Rapala
Ron Tucker Musky44", 42"June 13Rogue
Bart WilliamsMusky42"June 14Rogue
Bart WilliamsNorthern Pike38"June 14Rogue
Perry VanhookSmallmouth Bass20"June 15Rogue
Julie MorbenWalleye27"June 15Minnow
Ron TuckerNorthern Pike39"June 15Rogue
Shawn RossSmallmouth Bass19.75"June 16Spinner
Payton LarsonWalleye27"June 17Minnow
Lou CimineriMusky43"June 19Mepps
Gavin KremperMusky46", 44"June 19Rogue
Colin ZwolinskiWalleye28"June 19Rapala
Hank ZwolinksiWalleye28"June 19Artificial
Jennings RayWalleye29"June 20Rapala
Jeff RayMusky38"June 20Jointed Bait
Konrad KremperWalleye27", 27"June 20Rogue
Connor SparksMusky48"June 20Phantom
Randy SparksWalleye30"June 20Aritficial
Terry TaylorWalleye27.5"June 20Leech
Nick ZwolinskiMusky51"June 22Phantom
Jeff RaySmallmouth Bass18.5"June 23Jig
Will RaySmallmouth Bass18.25"June 23Jig
Tony BrindleMusky49", 41"June 23Mepps
Jim BohnsackWalleye27"June 25Rapala
Sam NorthMusky46"June 28Plug
Rich KostrovaWalleye30"June 29Minnow
Jerry SchenckSmallmouth Bass18.75"June 29Leech
Dave LedgerMusky43"June 29Spinner
Chad PaeznickWalleye28"June 30Rapala
Natalie PollittSmallmouth Bass18"July 3Crawler
Terry BrechtWalleye28.5"July 6Leech
Angie QualeWalleye29"July 9Leech
Chuck RuckerWalleye28"July 10Leech
Andrew DoonanMusky41.5"July 10Showgirl
Lily QualeWalleye27"July 10Leech
Andrew DoonanMusky42"July 10Top Raider
Bob WilliamsSmallmouth Bass18"July 11Leech
Jack TycholisMusky43.5"July 11Phantom
Corky AtkinsonMusky42"July 12Buck tail
Dave QualeMusky44"July 12Phantom
Andrew DoonanMusky47"July 13Showgirl
Bill TeshWalleye28"July 14Leech
Chuck RuckerWalleye32.5"July 15Leech
Nate HammondWalleye27"July 16Leech
Derek DotyWalleye28"July 16Leech
Jackson TycholisWalleye27.5"July 17Leech
Phillip BrechtWalleye30"July 18Leech
Zach QualeWalleye27.5"July 18Leech
Shari OlsonWalleye29"July 18Leech
Austin PetersenSmallmouth19"July 20Crawler
Steve MorleyWalleye27.5"July 21Crawler
Julie EricksonWalleye33"July 25Artificial
Julie EricksonWalleye30.25"July 25Artificial
Dave EricksonWalleye30"July 25Aritificial
Caleb MalyonNorthern Pike43"July 31Plug
Jim WalkerWalleye28", 28"July 31Crawler
Bill MalyonWalleye27.5", 27"Aug. 1Crawler
Jack TycholisWalleye27.5"Aug. 2Leech
Seth MalyonWalleye27"Aug. 2Crawler
Chris HutchinsWalleye28"Aug. 7Leech
Nan BongWalleye27"Aug. 8Crawler
Laura HallWalleye28"Aug. 10Leech
Chris HutchinsWalleye28"Aug. 14Leech
Arron NicklasMusky45"Aug. 18
Dan JamesMusky43"Aug. 14
Suzie MillsPerch12"Aug. 21
Troy HohnMusky48.5"Aug. 23Bucktail
Jack TycholisMusky46.25"Aug. 26Buchertail
Beth MaederMusky44"Sept. 3
Cody MaederWalleye27"Sept. 4Leech
Cody MaederMusky40"Sept. 5
Brianna BohnsackWalleye27"Sept. 6
Jim BohnsackWalleye28"Sept. 7
2021 Leader Board
Jackson TycholisWalleye27"June 3 Leech
Henry PaetznickWalleye28"Aug. 14Minnow
Jon BuckellewWalleye27"Aug. 14Crawler
Jim SkworWalleye27.5"Aug. 15Rapala
Amelia PaetznickSmallmouth Bass19"Aug. 20Minnow
Julie EricksonNorthern38"Aug. 31Mepps
Cody MaederWalleye28"Sept. 2Leech
Cody MaederWalleye27"Sept. 6Leech
Cody MaederWalleye29"Sept. 7Leech
Dave MaceWalleye27"Sept. 9Leech
Cody MaederWalleye30"Sept. 9Leech
Beth MaederMusky40"Sept. 9Cowgirl
Tom DoughertyMusky50.5"Sept. 13Jointed Bait
Rick EstradaWalleye27"Sept. 15Rapala
Jim BohnsackMusky45"Sept. 16Phantom
Finley RamirezNorthern Pike38.5"Sept. 16Cowgirl
John RileyNorthern Pike42"Sept. 16Mepps
Jerry MorbenWalleye27"Sept. 21Minnow
Steve AlaviSmallmouth Bass18" Sept. 21Minnow
Mike HallmanNorthern Pike38"Sept. 21Repps
JG KremperNorthern Pike41"Sept. 22Phantom
Barry WatersNorthern Pike42"Sept. 27Bobby Bait
Jerry MiddleswartMusky42"Sept. 29Suick
Evan EricksonMusky43"Sept. 30Deep Diver
Barry WatersSmallmouth Bass19"Oct. 1Spinner
Dave EricksonNorthern Pike38"Oct. 1Jointed Bait
Evan EricksonMusky42"Oct. 1Phantom
Brian HansonMusky47"Oct. 9Musky Bait
2019 Leader Board
Dan GebbardWalleye27.5" May 19Minnow
Mikayla ShowersNorthern Pike38"May 21Plug
Jim DoughertySmallmouth Bass18.5"May 25Spinner Bait
Cody MaederWalleye29" & 29" May 23Minnow
Beth MaederSmallmouth Bass19" May 23Jig Minnow
Beth MaederWalleye27" May 23Minnow
Tom DoughertyWalleye27.5" May 25Rapala
Jim DoughertyWalleye28" May 26Rapala
Cody MaederNorthern Pike41.5" & 39"May 26Cisco
Beth MaederWalleye29" May 26Minnow
Cody MaederNorthern Pike40" May 27Minnow
Beth MaederNorthern Pike2 39" May 29Cisco
Beth MaederNorthern Pike40" May 30Cisco
Beth MaederWalleye31"May 30Twister Tail
Dave LukeWalleye28"June 4Minnow
Mary Ellen LukeWalleye28.5" June 5Minnow
Joel SchenckSmallmouth Bass21"June 9Clown Rogue
Roger GossettSmallmouth Bass19" June 9Clown Rogue
Jerry SchenckWalleye31" June 14Leech
Jackson PratherMusky45" June 14Clown Rogue
Brodie WilliamsMusky45" June 12Rogue
Brodie WilliamsMusky46"June 14Mepps Spinner
Randy SparksMusky42"June 16Phantom
Payton HallmanNorthern Pike38.5" June 17Plug
Konrad KremperNorthern Pike40"June 17Phantom
Sammy ChrastkaSmallmouth Bass18.5" June 19Leech
Drew ChrastkaSmallmouth Bass18" June 20Leech
Steve ChrastkaWalleye27"June 20Leech
Mike HallmanMusky45" June 20Leech
Brody HallmanWalleye27"June 20Leech
Kaden AlaviSmallmouth Bass19" & 18.5" June 20Spinner
JG KremperWalleye29" June 20Leech
JG KremperMusky40" June 21Phantom
Matt SenicaWalleye31" June 21Leech
Bob MudlerWalleye27" -4 of them!June 21Leech
Steve SenicaMusky47" & 42" June 21Phantom
John HumphreysMusky46" June 24Plug
Mike PfiefferWalleye28"June 25Leech
Bill HarlessWalleye27" -3 of them!June 25Leech
Paul GoinWalleye29" June 26Leech
Hugh BoyerWalleye27" & 28.5"June 26Leech
Jennings RayMusky40"June 27Plug
Michael SmithWalleye31"July 4Leech
Michael SmithSmallmouth19"July 5Small Spinner
Al BuhkWalleye27"July 6Rapala
Nevaeh KocianWalleye29"July 6Leech
Brad KocianWalleye30"July 6Leech
Chuck PriesMusky44"July 7Suick
Will BreedloveSmallmouth Bass19"July 9Twister Tail
Dan BrizzolaraSmallmouth Bass19"July 12Spinner Bait
Philip BrechtWalleye28"July 15Leech
Bill BrechtWalleye 27"July 16Leech
Jeff TrentadueSmallmouth Bass27.5"July 16Minnow
Brad BrechtWalleye28"July 16Leech
Harry EanesSmallmouth Bass20"July 17Spinner Bait
Bill BrechtWalleye28"July 18Leech
Larry WilliamsNorthern Pike37"July 20Plug
Dave QualeWalleye27.5"July 20Leech
Dan GrotheWalleye28.75"July 22Leech
Jackson TycholisWalleye26"July 23Leech
Tom MartinWalleye27.5"July 23Leech
Travis MartinWalleye27.5"July 23Leech
Blake BohlenderWalleye27"July 29Crawler
Wally JohnsonWalleye30.5"August 1Leech
Debbie RuckerWalleye29"August 5Crawler
Dwight SchussmanWalleye28.5"August 5Crawler
Caleb MalonWalleye27"August 6Leech
Isaac SharpWalleye31"August 8Leech
Dwight SchussmanWalleye28"August 9Crawler
Dave EricksonWalleye28"August 9Crawler
Julie EricksonNorthern Pike38"August 9Mepps Spinner
Renee RyanWalleye29"August 11Minnow
Chad PaetznickWalleye28.5"August 11Leech
John OsweilerWalleye29"August 12Leech
Brandon HutchinsWalleye29.5"August 14Leech
Brandon HutchinsSmallmouth Bass18"August 14Leech
Iver OlesonSmallmouth Bass19" & 18"August 15Twister Tail
John SkworWalleye27.75"August 24Jigging Rap
Jim SkworWalleye29"August 24Jigging Rap
Jim SkworSmallmouth Bass18"August 24Jigging Rap
Mark RowleyWalleye30"August 27Crawler
Don SweetWalleye27"August 29Minnow
Jim SkworWalleye27.75"August 29Jigging Rap
Duane TackettWalleye30"August 29Crawler
Beth MaederMusky39"August 29Phantom
Cody MaederWalleye31.5" & 27"September 1Jigging Rap
Cody MaederWalleye30" -2 of them!!September 1Jigging Rap
Debbie WarrenWalleye27"September 2Crawler
Beth MaederWalleye 30.5"September 3Jigging Rap
Debbie WarrenWalleye29"September 3Minnow
Cody MaederWalleye28.5"September 5Jigging Rap
Cody MaederWalleye32.75"September 7Jigging Rap
Robert ReedMusky46"September 8Plug
Jim BohnsackWalleye29"September 9Minnow
Jacob Van Den HeuvelWalleye28.5"September 12Minnow
Amy TycholisWalleye28"September 17Minnow